Francisco Media is a Nashville based company that was created through a love for music to birth projects that inspire generations and touch the soul.  Our music is inspired by real-life experiences, and our musical styles blend various genres of music to create a fresh and unique sound. The investment of quality, vision, and relationship are paramount to our music and media projects. 

Ritchie Smith Francisco is the Founder and Executive Producer of Francisco Media. She is an award-winning singer, songwriter, arranger, classically trained musician, and music educator. Ritchie performs professionally as a soloist and in ensembles, which has shaped her into the well-rounded artist she is today. Ritchie's performing group, Ritchie and Armageddon were featured in the nationally syndicated Houston Post celebrating the group's accomplishments. While in Houston, Ritchie was co-host for a weekly television and radio show. 

Like many, Ritchie started her musical career in Houston area churches. She attended Houston's prestigious High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, the high school that produced artists such as Beyoncé Knowles Carter, Bryan-Michael Cox, and Grey’s Anatomy’s Chandra Wilson.  At the University of Houston, Ritchie earned a bachelor’s degree in music and pursued a Master's in education. She is a sought-after accompanist, musical consultant, theater, and musical director. Ritchie also composes music for film and television. Her music was recently featured in commercials for Nashville Women and Film in Television. Ritchie Francisco is a member of Tennessee Women in Film and Media (TWIFM). She worked directly with the president of TWIFM on various projects, including the Franklin International Independent Film Festival (FIIFF). 

Yasmin Smith is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Producer at Francisco Media. She is a gifted singer/songwriter with a deep passion and love for music. Yasmin's lyrics reflect life's complexities- love, loss, joy, and hope. She has an ear for creating musical "hooks" that capture and hold the listener's attention. Yasmin’s musical talent uniquely positions her to craft music that is aligned with Indie, Country, Pop and R&B sounds.  Yasmin honed her journalistic skills as a reporter for Hotspot Nashville. She interviewed country music artists at the Country Radio Seminar (CRS) and at Songs and Stories with Grammy award winner John Berry. Yasmin also interviewed legendary actors, directors, and filmmakers at the Nashville Women in Film and Television Summit.  Yasmin is a member of Tennessee Women in Film and Media (TWIFM). She worked directly with the president of TWIFM as the Red-Carpet Hostess at the Franklin International Independent Film Festival (FIIFF).  Yasmin aspires to pursue additional journalistic opportunities, act, and write screenplays. 

Ritchie and Yasmin are currently planning collaborations with other artists, producing music for film and television, and composing songs for future Indie/Pop projects.